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About us

Where do we start....

North Side Powder Coating is a family owned business that opened in August of 2013.  Our crew consists of brothers, parents, spouses, aunts, siblings and a few good friends.  

Carol is the front office face and voice.  She has spent time working in steel mills, iron working, welding as well as a few clerical and service oriented positions.  She keeps the front office organized, orders materials as needed and can answer almost any question that you may have for her.

Cordell comes from some experience in and around a machine shop.  He also has spent some time wrenching on race cars, go carts, lawn mowers, patio furniture and other various things.  He is not only a father to our wonderful nephews and niece, he is also our brother.

Justin joined the family in May of 2014.  He brought us his experience sand blasting in the oilfield industry as well as his industrial painting experience.  He has headed up our blasting department since then and is now transitioning to more hands on coating.  He is an extremely personable and funny guy.  Justin is a husband and father, and with his personality and work ethic has proven to be an asset to our company.  We are glad to have him in the family.

Robert got drawn into the NSPC vortex back in 2016.  He has a work ethic like no other and skills in various areas.  Robert does blasting, coating, fabricating, brainstorming, trouble shooting, and what ever else he comes up with to contribute to our success.  He has been an asset to our business since day 1.